Wooden Dollhouse

Why Every Child Should Have a Dollhouse for Pretend Play- Wooden Dollhouse NZ

Dollhouses are an educational toy that provides a wealth of developmental play opportunities which help children practice their linguistic, emotional, and social skills. They facilitate imaginative play that allows little ones to hone their social skills and learn values such as empathy, a vital skill for all children to practice. With a dollhouse, kids learn how to make sense of the world as they act out different personalities, scenarios, and imagine multiple perspectives which they can apply in real life. 

While playing with dolls, you probably notice that children often talk to them as they play and perhaps you wonder whether it is normal for them to act this way and if it's good for their development. Children are naturally imaginative and they should be allowed to be so. Roleplay is an important part of child's play and it's completely normal for kids to express themselves using their language. 

Aside from learning how to socialize, children can improve their vocabulary as they narrate situations during dollhouse play. They learn to make stories based on their imagination as they move around objects in different rooms and imagine themselves in them. Children can also practice their motor skills as they move things around their little home. Dollhouses allow them to have a tiny place they can call their own where they can escape, and express their fears and fantasies as they play. 

The best wooden dollhouses for kids are the ones that offer a venue for kids to create their own narratives which they can act out, as well as experiment scenarios that are applicable even in real life. Hape's Wooden Dollhouse NZ collection has a wide array of dollhouses that offers a stage for imaginative play. Kids can have endless fun in the Hape Doll Family Mansion where they can have a family home that is as realistic as it gets. With all the rooms of a typical family mansion for her tiny dolls such as a living room, dining room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a garden, and even a pool, your child can enjoy hours of imaginative playtime with her doll. 

Dollhouses are not just miniatures of houses, they can also be a mini version of what kids want to be when they grow up. Dollhouses like the Hape Furry Friend Vet Set are a perfect example of toys that allow kids to imagine who they want to be when they grow up. Your kids can imagine themselves becoming vets which teaches them to care for animals and have compassion towards other life forms. 

Children play in many different ways like exploring different movements, pretend play, creating games, and using their imagination. Dollhouses are special toys among young kids, especially with the little girls who are fond of playing with their little dolls. They may be cute miniatures of homes and other scenarios, but for kids, it becomes a whole new world for them that they can customize and control.

Dollhouses have been some of the most wanted toys by many children and even adults especially the wooden dollhouses for many years. This is due to its durability and the fun that it provides kids that they do not easily outgrow. 

With a bunch of amazing toys to choose from, deciding which ones to get can be mind-boggling for kids. For them, all toys are probably worth the play because play is what children do. It is very important to allow kids to play because it is how they learn and it is what constitutes most of their early years. 

What they learn in childhood has a great impact on how they become when they grow up which is why adults should be able to guide them as they grow and expose them to an environment that facilitates learning.