Strong Commitment to Sustainability 

Sustainability is at the very core of Hape’s values. In the many years of its existence in the World of Toys, Hape is known as one of the largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials in the whole world. Sustainability is an integral component that goes in the making of each of our products ‘designs.

With its strong advocacy to minimizing non-renewable wastes, Hape has been dependent on the use of sustainable materials that come from the gift of nature as the main build of their products. The company also applies key processes to their production to ensure that the variety of by- products cause minimal environmental impacts.

Recognizing bamboo as a highly renewable resource, Hape continuously creates a full line of bamboo toys that are tested and proven safe and durable that can stand the test of time. Hape toys are ensured durable enough to last for generations so they can be passed down to make more children happy in the future.

Making Sustainable Toys with a Purpose 

Our toys are created to represent the next generation of play.

At Hape, we believe that high-quality toys are not only made from prime and sustainable materials. High-quality toys are made with a purpose --- and that is to inspire play, learning, and exploration of the world we live in. For every toy we create, we make it our job to help children awaken their potentials and guide them towards an enriched and happy life.