Ride On Toys

One of the joys of being a parent is to see our little ones grow before our eyes. Hearing them say their first words, seeing them take their first walk, playing with other kids, and gaining a sense of independence and freedom as they mature are only some of the parts of them growing up that shouldn’t be missed out. 

As they learn to stand up and balance, playtime becomes more interesting to them. They become more drawn to toys that bring them more fun and are more engaging. When your kid starts to walk and run by themselves, it’s time to introduce them to toys that allow them to do more and be active. 

Every parent knows it's tough to get kids out of the house sometimes. Recognizing the importance of outdoor play to their growth and development, encouraging them to go outside and explore brings positive results to their overall well-being. 

When it comes to active outdoor play, ride-ons for toddlers and pre-schoolers can provide kids with a great avenue to develop their fine and gross motor skills, refine their balance, and improve coordination. This type of toy works wonders when it comes to encouraging children to spend time outside where they can learn to socialize and be independent. 

For many kids, learning how to ride a bike is one of the first things they’d want to learn as a growing kid. Ride-ons such as balance bikes are one of the coolest things that your child can own and are popular birthday gifts for kids under the age of three. They have many functions and benefits that offer your child the best playtime memories during their childhood.

Whether you're looking for educational ride-on toys or just some fun little rides, there are thousands of choices out there. Learning how to ride a bicycle for the first time is more fun and less scary for your toddler with Hape’s First Balance Bike (in Blue, Pink, And Green). This amazing toy by Hape was designed to offer kids a fun and safe riding experience making it win the Best Outdoor Product Award in the 2022 Australian Toy Awards.

Hape’s First Balance Bike is designed for little hands to comfortably grip and hold the anti-slip handles, which makes it one of the best first bikes for your child. They will learn how to turn, stop, go forward and go backward. 

Bike rides help develop a sense of direction, balance, and coordination that your growing child needs to have all while they enjoy scooting around and having fun cycling adventures. As parents, we always try to figure out what’s best for our children in order for them to have an awesome childhood.

Ride-on toys are a great way to have fun outside and get some exercise. It opens them to many opportunities for discovery about their own skills, capabilities, and potential to use their own imagination. They learn to be brave, adventurous, and confident learning new things and doing things on their own.