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Vehicle Level Up Puzzle


Embark on a puzzle journey with our captivating vehicle puzzle set. Explore the world of transportation and piece together exciting scenes of wheels in motion. Talk about the different vehicles’ environments, such as construction sites, airports or farms. Ask your child if they can tell you what jobs the different vehicles are used for. This helps to develop their understanding of vehicles and their different roles. FUN WITH CLASSIC VEHICLES: This set features 15 classic vehicle puzzles, including cars, helicopters, planes, boats and even a submarine!
BUILD THEIR CONFIDENCE: As children complete the puzzles, they’ll learn to problem-solve and see the positive results of their hard work. This helps to build up their confidence and prepare them for tougher challenges in the future.
DEVELOPS MOTOR SKILLS: Little puzzle solvers will develop key skills like basic pattern recognition, hand-eye coordination and problem solving as they manoeuvre the puzzle and try to fit and match the different pieces.
DIFFERENT DIFFICULTY LEVELS: Junior puzzle solvers can start off easy with the two- and three-piece puzzles. Once they master the basics, they can move onto the larger and more challenging six-piece jigsaws.
FUEL THEIR CREATIVITY: As children learn about different modes of transportation, they can create their own stories based on the different vehicles, which boosts their language and communication skills.

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