Hape Toys

Twisting Railway Maze Table


Unleash the thrill of mazes with our engaging railway-based play table. Navigate through twists and turns, as you chug along discovering endless fun. Encourage your child to explore the maze table independently. This free-play not only allows them to touch, manipulate, and guide the beads and trains as they wish, but also aids in developing their fine motor skills and understanding the toy`s full potential. DEVELOPING THEIR SENSES: The bright colours, chunky shapes, animal graphics and sound effects, support children in their sensory development.
ERFECTING MOTOR SKILLS: As young children manipulate the beads and trains, they`ll develop their hand and finger dexterity and their overall fine motor skills
NTRODUCING NUMBERS: The numbered stops on the railway helps children to count from 1 to 9.
MUSEMENT PARK THEME: This bead maze features a large amusement park with rollercoaster blocks, a rocket and even a UFO.
XCITING ROLEPLAY: The bear and the elephant can get on/off the train, explore the park and even sit and relax.

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