Hape Toys

Starship Sand & Water Toy


Embark on an out-of-this-world aquatic and sandy adventure with our cool spaceship design. Explore, play, and shape your imagination to infinity and beyond! Let their imagination take off by encouraging children to create and name their imaginary galaxy. Use nearby objects and items to customise your starship! Seashells and seaweed are a fun way to decorate sand creations and foster children’s creativity. DEVELOPS MOTOR SKILLS: Little hands develop as they manipulate sand by scooping, pouring and shaping.
DISCOVERING SAND & WATER: This toy acts as a mould for sandcastles, while the drainage holes double as an entertaining fountain for water play.
SENSORY DISCOVERY: Introduce your child to different textures by combining water with sand. They can experiment with wet and dry sand to find the perfect mix for constructing their sandy starship.
INTERGALACTIC EXPLORATION: Future space cadets can build their fleet of starships to defend the galaxy from space invaders.

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