Hape Toys

Space Rocker Sand & Water Toy


Embark on an out-of-this-world aquatic and sandy adventure with our cool spaceship design. Explore, play, and shape your imagination to infinity and beyond! Let their imagination take off by encouraging children to create and name their imaginary galaxy. Encourage children to customise their sandy creations by using their fingers and other objects to draw designs and shapes into the sand. This helps foster their creativity and develop hand-eye coordination. AIDS DEVELOPMENT: Children develop their fine motor skills as they fill the mould with sand by scooping, pouring and shaping.
EXPLORING SAND & WATER: This toy acts as a mould for sandcastles, while the water drainage holes double as a fun fountain feature for water play.
SENSORY STIMULATION: Teach your child about different textures by adding water to the sand. They can explore wet and dry sand to find the perfect mix to build their rocket.
OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD FUN: Little space explorers can build their own sandy space fleet to defend their imaginary galaxy from interstellar space invaders.

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