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Green Planet Explorers Solar Offroad Adventures


Embark on an eco-rescue mission with Oscar. Protect nature, prevent wildfires, and explore with the solar-powered offroad car as you learn and play with renewable energy technology. Use this set to teach children about fire safety. Children can create their own scenarios where Oscar goes and saves creatures and characters from fire-hazards. IDEAL FOR FREE PLAY: This set is perfect for encouraging role play, creativity and imagination, and letting children be free to create their own forest protection games.
PLENTY OF ACCESSORIES: This set includes one off-road car, one koala figurine, one hat, one vest, one fallen tree, one hook, one water tank, two felt flames, one portable solar charger, one tablet and one leaflet.
MULTI-ACTION FIGURINE: Oscar the koala can sit, stand and hold accessories with his hands.
SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: This set is made from a minimum of 80% renewable materials, including bio-plastic Green PE and FSC-certified wood.

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