Hape Toys

Sizzling Griddle & Grill BBQ


Experience the joy of pretend grilling with our tasty BBQ grill. Complete with sizzling sounds, light-up coals and various, interactive cooking accessories for endless imaginative play. Encourage your child to set up a pretend restaurant. They can take orders from "customers," cook imaginary meals and serve up delicious dishes. HELPING BRAINS GROW: By using roleplay and food toys, children improve their cognitive abilities as they learn and associate names, colours and shapes with the food items.
MPROVING COORDINATION: Children can improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they arrange and piece the ingredients onto the skewers.
EVELOPING IMAGINATIONS: Children use their imagination to create scenarios, cook meals, and role-play different roles, which enhances creativity and storytelling skills.
EALISTIC `FIRE`: This grill comes with an eye-catching charcoal-like effect.
IZZLING SOUNDS: The spatula has an electronic function which simulates realistic sizzling sounds.
IMPLE FUNCTIONALITY: This toy can be easily switched between the BBQ and the Griddle functions. Plus the main board can be flipped to reveal a functional kitchen stove.
MART STORAGE SPACE: You can flip over the side shelves to hold your tomato sauce and mustard, and all the other accessories can be stored underneath.

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