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Shape Sorter Tree House


Welcome to our charming Critter House Shape Sorter. As you match the adorable animal and character blocks to their corresponding openings, a magical journey of shapes and imagination awaits you. Begin by exploring the different shapes and openings on the shape sorting house. As you examine each shape, discuss its unique characteristics, like the number of sides and corners. Children can also retrieve the shapes by learning to open and close the door .LEARNING ABOUT SHAPES: Children learn to identify and differentiate various shapes, enhancing their early geometry skills.
HELPS DEVELOPING BRAINS: Shape sorting helps stimulate cognitive growth, logical thinking, and spatial awareness. Plus precise placement of shapes support the development of hand-eye coordination.
2-in-1 PLAY MODE: With this toy children can use it as a shape sorting toy or as a `dolls house` where animal characters can live and play inside the house.
PLENTY OF PIECES: This set includes one house, four geometeric blocks and four animal-shaped blocks.

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