Hape Toys

Paper Roll


Unleash your child`s creativity with this endless canvas. It provides a world of drawing, crafting, and imaginative play possibilities. The perfect companion to our Outdoor Art Easel. To foster their creativity and storytelling, encourage your child to create a vertical story using the length of the paper roll. Like a storyboard, they can create different characters, scenes and stories brought to life on paper. SPARK THEIR IMAGINATION: The sky’s the limit with this paper roll. Simply provide paint, markers or pens and let their imagination take off.
COLLABORATE OR PLAY SOLO: With 10 metres to draw on, you can spread the paper along the floor for collaborative art creations with a group of friends or solo art sessions.
MANY WAYS TO DRAW: Replenish your Hape easel with this paper roll, or cut the paper into different shapes and sizes for unique free-style art creations.
PAINT, PENS & MARKERS: This art paper roll is compatible with most writing, drawing and painting supplies, so children can unleash the artist within in any way that inspires them.

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