Hape Toys

Art Palette and Brush Set


A complete kit including a sturdy palette and high-quality paintbrushes, providing endless possibilities for creative expression. Let their imagination soar and watch their colourful masterpieces come to life. Teach children to appreciate art from an early age by introducing them to famous artists and their works. Discuss the different styles and techniques used and encourage your child to mimic a specific style, or have them come up with their own painting style that’s unique to them. TIME TO GET CREATIVE: This set includes one artist’s palette with a thumb hole, so it’s easy for little hands to hold. Two large, two medium and two small brushes allow children to get as detailed as they like.
UNLEASH THEIR INNER ARTIST: Painting allows children to get creative and explore their imagination, express emotions and convey ideas in a fun, relaxed setting.
DEVELOPS MOTOR SKILLS: As little fingers mix colours and manoeuvre the brushes as they paint, they’ll improve key motor skills like hand-eye coordination, finger strength and overall dexterity.
COMPATIBLE WITH MOST PAINTS: This artist’s palette is suitable for use with most paints, including propylene-based, water-based, gouache, and other pigmented paints.
SUSTAINABLY MADE: The palette in this art set is made from durable wood and features a smooth finish, while the brushes are made with bamboo from Hape’s very own bamboo forest.

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