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Nature Fun Stamps


Embark on a creative journey through nature with our nature fun stamp set. Explore the world and let your imagination bloom as you create beautiful artistic impressions with these nature-themed stamps. Ask your child to identify the different nature shapes and describe their characteristics and habitats, like what animals correspond to the stamps’ tracks and where they might live within nature. 3 TYPES OF STAMPS: This 11-piece set comes with everything little explorers need to get creative, including three finger stamps, three hand stamps, two roller stamps with wooden handles and one ink pad.
DEVELOPS FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Using the smaller finger stamps helps to hone children’s dexterity, while the larger hand and roller stamps help them to practise their hand-eye coordination and fine-tune their micro movements.
LEARN ABOUT NATURE: The stamp patterns in this set offer fun opportunities to learn about nature, and the patterns include a butterfly, water drop, flower, animal paw print, bird tracks, and nature tracks.
SORTING & SYMMETRY: Playing with stamps can help children to explore patterns and symmetry in a hands-on, visual way. Stamps can also help to teach children about the basics of sorting and categorising shapes.
STAMP ANYWHERE: Children can get creative and make nature-inspired artwork on a number of surfaces using the ink, or they can make imprints on other pliable surfaces, like playdough, mud and dirt.

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