Hape Toys

Monster Movers Duo


Unleash the power of construction with our Monster Digger and Dumper duo set. Excavate, haul, and build with unstoppable force. Encourage children to play with the trucks on soft outdoor terrain, like sand or dirt. They can dig holes, make trenches and create mini landscapes. This helps to develop their creativity and offers a more sensory-rich play experience. DEVELOPS MOTOR SKILLS: As young children push, pull and manoeuvre the trucks, they’ll enhance their hand-eye coordination, finger strength and dexterity.
-IN-1 FUN: The Monster Digger can be attached to the Monster Dumper to create a brand new construction vehicle. Or use them separately to load and transport sand and other objects.
OOPERATIVE PLAY: Building buddies can team up to act out a variety of roles together, like construction manager or truck operator. Encourage them to collaborate on building projects or problem-solving tasks.

IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: Little hands can use the trucks to dig and transport sand or dirt, and their durable construction makes them easy to clean once finished.

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