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Mega Skatepark

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Give your marbles some air-time as they shoot out of this high-speed jump and off the Quadrilla layout. You’ll be rewarded with a chime each time one lands in the bell funnel.

Play Tips

Build the layout pictured on the box and connect to an existing Quadrilla set. Watch as your marbles enter the ramp and jump off the end. If a marble lands in the bell funnel, it makes a satisfying chime.


• Marble run construction toy made with durable wood and non-toxic, water-based paints
• Includes 2 distributor blocks, 2 height adjusters, 3 stabilizer rings, 8 marbles, one jump ramp, and one bell funnel.
• Jump ramp allows marbles to become airborne and bell catcher chimes when they land inside
• German-engineered design inspired by Da Vinci Circle
• Helps to develop spatial thinking and understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) principles
• Praised by The Wall Street Journal as the perfect toy for teaching children how to code
• Compatible with all Hape Quadrilla sets
• For ages 4+

Important Information

CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts&small balls. Not for children under 3 years. Remove the packaging material before you give the toy to your child. Please keep all the relevant information for future reference. Decorations and colors may vary!

Product Information

Item model number E6023A
Recommended age 4Y+
Package type closed color box
Package Size 18.0 x 8.0 30.0 cm

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