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Magic Music Conch


Experience the enchanting sounds of the sea with our Magic Music Conch toy. Record your own sounds or listen to the melodies as the conch shell sings. Press the Star button to enjoy a selection of five songs. Alternatively, hold down the Shell button to capture your voice recordings. You can even rotate the base of the conch to morph its sound into various playful versions like robots, ocean waves, or bubbles. GENTLE SOOTHING MUSIC: The music from the conch is gentle and soothing, helping to calm and comfort your children.
HELPS BRAINS GROW: Studies have shown that listening to music can boost brain growth, especially in areas related to language acquisition and reading skills.
STRENGTHENING BONDS: Children and parents can record their own sayings and messages to one another. When children are apart from their family they can play them back and feel like they`re together.
THREE FUN FUNCTIONS: This musical conch comes with 3 different functions - recording sounds and playback, changing sounds and playing prerecorded songs.
VOICE-CHANGING EFFECTS: By twisting the shell`s end, children can add different voice effects to their recordings: robotic, waves or bubbles!
SOFT YET STURDY: The top of the conch is made from soft silicone so children can listen comfortably.

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