Hape Toys

Kitty Haven Playset


Create a purr-fect playtime paradise for your feline friend with our Cat Playset. Includes accessories and a cosy cat house for endless entertainment. To stimulate their imagination and storytelling abilities, encourage children to name each kitty in their playset and come up with different personalities and traits. AIDS EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Children can learn how to care for animals through love and patience as they feed, play with, and nurture their feline family.
DEVELOPS MOTOR SKILLS: Playing with their kitties will help to develop children’s hand-eye coordination and social skills.
PERFECT ACCESSORIES: This set includes one cat tree, three cats, three food bowls, one food storage bag, five food cards, two balls, and one fish.
IMMERSIVE PLAY: The cat’s climbing tree has a bell, swing, nap space, and a large cosy corner for kitties to relax in.
COMPLEMENTARY PLAYSET: Children can play with this set as a standalone toy, add it to their dollhouse, or complete their Hape family.

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