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Hape Quadrilla Advanced Coding Set


Hape Quadrilla Advanced Coding Set

"With the Hape Quadrilla Advanced Coding Set, your kid will be having too much fun to realize they’re really getting an off-screen head-start on STEM education and coding!

With tall towers and winding tracks, this marble run toy will entertain children for hours on end while they explore possibilities limited only by their imagination. It includes 50 challenge cards for your little one to take on independently.

The set comes with 40 colorful marbles (with a cotton bag), 20 blocks, 3 hole shutters, 2 marble feeders, 8 plastic escalation rings, a blue see-saw, a red see-saw, 2 marble collectors, 6 big curved tracks, 2 small curved tracks, a double-sided spiral twist, the challenge cards, etc.

The colorful pieces of the marble maze correspond to the challenge cards. Children find the missing blocks to unlock the code – just like how it works to learn to write and fix computer code.

For ages 6 and up, this toy makes learning exciting and fun."

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