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Hape Green Planet Explorers Pandas™ Bamboo House


Hape Pandas’ Bamboo House

"What’s even cuter than a dollhouse? A panda dollhouse! Let your little one explore their creative side with this adorable twist on the traditional dollhouse from Hape. Sam, Pam and their panda family live in an eco-friendly bamboo house your child will explore for hours.

The 3-level playset is complete with a full set of furniture and accessories – four panda figurines, two hammocks, a sun umbrella, two floor mats, a fireplace, bed, dresser, sofa, coffee table, kitchen table with two stump seats, stove, two plates, two cups, a pan, an elevator basket on a string, suspension bridge, rope ladder and a wheelchair.

Your preschooler or kindergarten-age child will love having the panda figurines sit, stand and grip the accessories with their hands. It’s perfect for role play that gets their imagination going and helps develop social skills.

The house, pandas and accessories are made of eco-friendly, renewable materials like FSC certified wood and bamboo, and Green PE (made from the sugarcane plant). Pretend solar panels on the roof help the pandas live their own sustainable lifestyle, too – a wonderful way to encourage a sense of environmental responsibility.

For ages 3+ years, the Pandas’ Bamboo House is a great way for little ones to play and learn independently."

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