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Hape Off Road Balance Bike


Watch your kid’s confidence pick up speed along with the spinning tires on their favourite new toy with the Hape Off Road Balance Bike! This balance bike looks just like a dirt bike, BMX racer or mountain bike that big kids and adults use, but it’s the perfect first two-wheel experience for your little one.

With flashy orange colour, stylish fenders, rugged-looking tires and a comfy seat, your pre-schooler or kindergarten-age toddler will feel as great as they look zooming around in front of their family and friends.

The steering limiter makes it easier for little ones to steer the bike, and a shock absorber underneath the soft seat protects them from bumps. The never-flat tires are puncture-proof and made of solid rubber filled with EVA.

Your kid will develop better balance and coordination learning to ride this mini balance bike, helping the transition to a bicycle with pedals when they’re older. They’ll work on their balance and have fun doing it with this off-road-style learning bike. Safety gear is sold separately.

  • OFF-ROAD BIKE: Kids will love the style and flair of this awesome off-road balance bike! It looks just like a mini dirt bike or mountain bike, complete with flashy fenders and a big seat. But it’s the perfect size for your preschool-age kid!
  • LEARN TO RIDE: This is the perfect practice bike to learn to balance on two wheels. Kids will build their confidence and improve their balance with this balance bike, making it easy to move up to a bike with pedals
  • SAFETY FIRST: A steering limiter helps children control the bike more easily. It also has a shock absorber underneath a flexible and soft seat, which protects kids from bumps
  • NO FLAT TIRES: The tires are solid – made of rubber and filled with EVA. They are puncture-proof and can’t go flat
  • AGES 3-6 YEARS: Your preschooler or kindergarten-age kid will learn to love an active and sporty lifestyle while learning to balance on a bike, just like a big kid

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