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It’s time to learn those ABC’s! Encourage your kid’s natural desire to learn and help build their confidence with this colorful and exciting 70-piece alphabet magnet set. The magnets, made of high-quality wood with water-based paint and non-toxic finishes, are the perfect size for little hands. As your little one begins to learn more about the world around them, using these magnets to stick and un-stick again and again will help them learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet. They also help build fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, along with setting the stage to learn to read in a few short years. The Magnetic Letters set of toy magnets is a great gift for any young child. Start fostering a love for learning with these adorable magnets!

LETTER MAGNETS: This is the perfect set of toy magnets for the kid in your life, especially one who is learning letters and the alphabet! With 70 magnets that are easy to use, your little one will love sticking and re-sticking them on magnetic surfaces all over your house!

BUILDS CONFIDENCE: Your child will love learning letters while they play with these cute ABC magnets. As they begin recognizing letters in other places and contexts, it builds their confidence and will ultimately help them learn to read!

LEARN THROUGH PLAY: Toys like refrigerator magnets that your child can play with again and again help build fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They’ll also develop their critical thinking when they learn to match letters.

70 MAGNETS: The set of 70 magnets are bold and colorful. They’re made of high-quality wood, water-based paint and non-toxic finishes.

FOR CHILDREN AGES 3Y+: Hape toys are designed to encourage early childhood development, imaginative play, and interaction with caregivers and friends. Discover the next generation of play.

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