Hape Toys

Hape High Seas Rocker


Set sail on endless imaginative adventures with our interactive toy boat. Features oars, a steering wheel, and a hook for a captivating playtime experience. Encourage your child to use their imagination - pretend they are sailing on a high-sea adventure, exploring uncharted territories, or even being pirates on a treasure hunt! SUPPORTS THEIR MOTOR SKILLS: By rowing and steering, children can develop their fine and gross motor skills.
REALISTIC SOUNDS: When you turn the steering wheel, it clacks just like the real thing, plus the bell rings too.
VIBRANT DESIGN: The boat is decorated in vibrant blue grpahics to encourage your child`s imagination and creativity as they play.
FUNCTIONAL PADDLES: The boat`s paddles return back when pulled to stimulate a real rowing boat.
UTMOST COMFORT: The boat has a cushioned seat to make playtime as comfortable as can be.

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