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Hape Green Planet Explorers Green Vehicle Set


Hape GPE Green Vehicle Set

"What better way to help your child learn the importance of the environment than with an adorable role-playing toy that encourages sustainability! Watch your kid’s imagination take off as they make believe with the baby sloth driver, “electric” car, wind turbine and tree-planting kit in this awesome play set.

The tall tree has a rotating wind turbine, which powers up a charging device for the car. The baby sloth driver can chill out in a hammock while the battery “re-charges.” The toy e-car has a crane and hook to lift a tiny tree out of the back, and the sloth can use a little digger to make a hole. Plant the tree, then use the water pump to water it!

This adorable toy will encourage an environmentally-friendly lifestyle for your little one from an early age.

Your kid will be having so much fun, they might not even realize they;re learning about wind energy, sustainable forests and lowering their carbon footprint.

For ages 3+ years, it’s the perfect toy to start a lifelong love of the environment for your preschooler or kindergarten-age child.

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