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Hape Green Planet Explorers Honey Bees Picnic Set


Hape GPE Bees & Honey Set

"Your little one is already as busy as a little bee – help them learn all about what real bees do with this adorable honey bee playset!

This interactive toy includes two bees, a tree, platform, honey dispenser, honey jar, honeycomb frame, two pieces of honeycomb, two pieces of bread, one toast tray, one carpet and one figurine. It all adds up to hours upon hours of role playing fun for your kid.

Watch them buzz the bees around the tree for nectar. Then the bees will zip to their hive to make honey. Your little one can open the hive, collect the honeycomb, fill a jar with honey and spread it on toast for a pretend snack!

It’s a great way to learn about the importance of pollinators in the environment, and how even a tiny flying insect can contribute to the food on your table. This creative play encourages respect for the environment.

For any creative and busy kid ages 3+ years. It’s a perfect toy for your preschooler or kindergarten-age kid to learn about the natural world."

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