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Hape Garden Tool Set


Help encourage your children to explore their green thumb and get them out of the house with this adorable and practical first gardening set!

With a shovel, trowel, rake and watering can, your little one has a real-life set of tools to help you grow something fun in the garden. It also includes two bamboo labels so you can mark what you planted!

Made of sustainable bamboo and long-lasting metal, this is a sturdy STEM toy that’s built to last. Whether your kid is digging in tough dirt, thick clay, loose soil or a sandy beach, you’ll know this gardening set will stand up to tough use in the real world.

Toys like these that encourage active play are perfect for encouraging kids to leave the screen behind, get outside, and learn about the natural world. Getting involved in growing and taking care of plants helps them learn about sustainability and what the environment means for us.

For kids age 4+ years, it’s an exciting toy with practical uses for the preschooler or kindergarten-age kid in your life.


  • STARTER GARDENING KIT: This is an amazing first set of gardening tools for any little one in your life. Use the shovel, rake and trowel to loosen up soil and plant your seeds, then use the watering can to make sure they get enough water. Two bamboo labels show what you planted!
  • LOVE FOR NATURE: This gardening set is more than just a toy – it’s sturdy enough to do actual work. It gets your kids outside and keeps their little hands busy, and encourages a love for nature. They’ll love to watch what they helped to plant grow up to be a beautiful addition to your garden.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Made of eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo and long-lasting metal! You can rest assured this gardening set for kids isn’t harmful for the environment you’re teaching them to love.
  • GREAT QUALITY: These tools are sturdy. They work in dirt, soil, sand and anything else your kid will find to dig up. The tough bamboo and metal stand up to rough use. 
  • AGES 4+ YEARS: Suitable for the preschooler or kindergarten-age kid in your life, this gardening tool set is for kids age 4 and up.

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