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Hape Foldable Alphabet Play Mat


It’s play time on the floor! Encourage your baby or toddler to engage in active play, all while learning their abc’s with this adorable and colourful play mat for the floor.

Kids will love the soft feel of the mat, which is nearly half an inch thick. It won’t hurt if your little one takes a tumble. It’s also waterproof and foldable, so it’s a cinch to clean and keep stored safely out of the way.

One side has the colourful letters of the alphabet, and the other has measurements so you can track your baby’s growth! This is the ideal floor mat to encourage your kid to safely play and explore at home.

  • ALL-IN-ONE MAT: This 70 inch x 58 inch play mat is perfect to lay out on your floor so your baby has a comfortable place to play and explore! It’s large enough for more than one baby or toddler at a time, and is perfect to encourage active play on a safe surface.
  • LEARNING LETTERS: The bright and colourful alphabet letters also include context clues (like an orange colour with a tiny leaf on top for the letter O) that help kids learn their abc’s. It’s two-sided – the other side has a pleasant graphic design with measurements to track growth!
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE: The mat is nearly half an inch thick, which will protect your baby while they crawl around and explore. It’s soft and feels good on their delicate skin.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The mat is waterproof and easy to wipe clean of spills or dirt. It’s also easy to store – it’s foldable.
  • FOR KIDS AGES 0-36 MONTHS: This is the perfect play mat for babies and toddlers who need a safe and clean place to play on the floor.


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