Hape Railworld Discovery Mat


Embark on an exciting railway adventure with our railway mat. Featuring a vibrant and scenic town for endless imaginative play. PLAY TIPS: Enhance the play mat by adding accessories such as buildings, trees, bridges, and tunnels. Making the play experience more realistic and engaging, you can also use figures, cars, and other props to bring the scene to life. • PROMOTES DEVELOPMENT: This mat is perfect for cognitive and interactive play whilst they learn to share and cooperate. Plus it can enrich children`s imagination and inspire creativity.
• FULL OF DETAIL: Our mat has various scenes including a farm, harbour, amusement park, police and fire station and a helicopter pad.
• ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: All roads are connected from any point and this mat is compatible with most railway toys so you can build your very own city.
• HAPE QUALITY GUARANTEED:- High quality, soft and with an anti-slip side, our materials are safe and durable.
• EASY CLEANING & STORAGE: This mat is fully machine washable and when rolled up, can be stored in the handy bag.

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