Hape Toys

Hape Dumper Sand Toy Set


Hape Dumper Sand Toy Set

Cool construction toys refer directly to the real contractor machinery, kids will find it cool to play as strong constructors on the site,
Full set: High quality dumper, a digger bucket, a bulldozer, a cone and a construction sign
Dumper: can dig up directly or transport a big amount of sand and water to the construction site.
Digger bucket: kids can dig up a serious amount of sand with both hands very quickly.
Bulldozer: kids can push the bulldozer through the sand without scratching their fingers, use it as an advanced shovel.
Cone: kids can make a lot of sand-cones to mark the “work in progress zone”.
Construction sign: give the scenery quite a realistic look and tell others they are working.
Make interesting tracks on the sand.
Stack to go and easy for storage.

Package size: 310x350x350 mm
Recommended for ages 3+"

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