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Hape Colour Changing Oven


Get your kid’s culinary creativity flowing with this adorable toy kitchen play set for baking cookies! Is your little one always watching you at the stove, oven or microwave? They can mimic you with their very own baking oven with magic cookies. Children will love this interactive and realistic toy, especially its light and sound function to let them know when the cookies are ready! The six cookies with the set change colour while they’re in the oven, just like the real thing. This adorable and colourful toy helps kids develop their imagination, language skills and social skills. They’ll love getting excited about cooking and learning about how to prepare the food they love to eat.

FANTASTIC BAKING OVEN: Your little one will love creating delicious-looking cookie treats for their family and friends with this adorable bakery set! It’s perfectly sized for small hands.

INTERACTIVE AND REALISTIC: The light and sound functions on this play kitchen set gives kids a realistic and interactive baking experience. Ding! That sound is the oven timer, letting them know the cookies are done!

CHILD DEVELOPMENTAL TOY: This toy helps young minds develop by encouraging them to use their imagination. It also builds language skills and social skills through role play, and gets kids excited about cooking.

INCLUDES COOKIES: In addition to the oven, this play set includes a tray and 6 cookies to keep your little one busy for a long time. The cookies change colors in the oven!

FOR CHILDREN AGES 3+ YEARS: The perfect toy for kids getting ready for, or just starting, their preschool experience.

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