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Hape Baby to Toddler Sensory Gift


Baby to Toddler Sensory Gift Set

• 5 pcs sensory gift set to grow with babies
• Includes one fish rattle, one beads teether, one stay put
rattle, one rolling rattle and one dog on wheels
• The fish rattle is great for training grasping strength and
hearing development as early as 3 months.
• The beads teether helps developing fine motor skills and
helps early teeth come through
• Attach the stay put rattle to a high chair or table for meal
time fun when the baby is about 7 months.
• Roll the rolling rattle and the puppy with wheels around
the floor and use them to help early crawling when your
little one is about 8 months.
• Easy for small hands to grip, perfect for sensory
development, encouraging hand-eye coordination, fine
motor skills and muscle development

Ages 0+

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