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Fishing Game (2IN1)


A fantastic fishing game with two unique play modes! Children can fish for marine life or clear the ocean of plastic rubbish… how will you fish? Fishing Game: Players take turns to spin the wheel and see what element they need to fish out, will it be a creature or rubbish? Once everything`s out, simply count up your animals to see who caught the most, remember rubbish isn`t included!
idying Game: It`s time to clean up our seas. Take turns to spin the wheel and hope you land on a piece of rubbish. But if you catch a fish, you have to return it back to the sea. Once the sea is clean, count up which player cleared the most rubbish.

• IMPROVES FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Children can develop their fine motor skills with mini fishing rods and magnets while improving their hand dexterity.
• EASY TO UNDERSTAND: This game is made for independent and social play, so its rules are simple and easy to understand.
• EDUCATIONAL ELEMENTS: This game also teaches children about the importance of looking after our oceans and the wide variety of marine life on our planet.
• PLENTY OF PIECES: This game includes 1 round cylinder box with a lid, 2 wooden fishing rods, 1 spinning wheel, 6 rubbish pieces and 12 marine creatures
• IMPROVE SOCIALISATION: This game encourages competitiveness but also cooperation as children work together to save our seas.
• SIMPLE STORAGE: The game box is the storage too. Once the game is finished, just place everything into the box - easy!
• QUALITY MATERIALS: Like all Hape products, this toy is made from quality beech wood, plywood, paper and iron magnets.
• VIBRANT IMAGERY: All illustrations are vibrant with immersive patterns inside and outside the box. Plus these designs help children learn what marine creatures look like.

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