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Farm Animal Level Up Puzzle


Bring the farm animals to life with our delightful puzzle collection. Engage in hours of educational and entertaining playtime with these charming farmyard characters. As your little puzzle solver completes the jigsaws, ask them to identify and make the noises of the animals. This will help to improve their vocabulary and animal recognition skills. FUN ON THE FARM: This puzzle set includes ten adorable farmyard animal jigsaw puzzles in the shape of a pig, chicken, cat, duck, sheep, mouse, cow, rabbit, goat and horse.
DIFFERENT DIFFICULTY LEVELS: Junior puzzle solvers can start off easy with the two- and three-piece puzzles. Once they master the basics, they can move onto the larger and more challenging six-piece jigsaws.
BUILD THEIR CONFIDENCE: As children complete the puzzles, they’ll learn to problem-solve and see the positive results of their hard work. This helps to build up their confidence and prepare them for tougher challenges in the future.
HONES MOTOR SKILLS: As children manoeuvre the puzzle and try to fit and match the different pieces, they’ll develop key skills like basic pattern recognition, hand-eye coordination and problem solving.
LEARN ABOUT FARMS: With fun farm animals, this puzzle set provides learning opportunities about farm life, animals and how food comes from farms.

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