Hape Toys

Colour Me Apron Set


Design it yourself with Hape`s art apron. You can colour and create your very own masterpiece apron to use over and over again when it`s time get creative. Host a fashion show where mini artists can show off their creative masterpieces. By striking a pose and showcasing their designs, children will improve their confidence in themselves and their creativity. FOSTERS CREATIVITY: With fun, child-friendly designs – like rainbows, rocket ships and music notes – mini Picassos can come up with their own stories while filling in the shapes with their favourite colours.
LEARN ABOUT COLOURS: With the included marker colours, you can teach children about colour theory by showing them how to mix different colours to create new shades.
ULTRA DURABLE: The apron is waterproof to protect your child’s artwork against smudges and spills.
COLOUR YOUR WAY: This apron comes with a set of six markers: green, red, yellow, orange, blue and black.
GREAT FOR GIFTING: For a more personal touch, this apron makes a one-of-a-kind gift from your child to someone special.

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